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December 14, 2019
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The December GPPS meeting was held on Saturday at the home of Richard and Pet Smith in Chandler.

The meeting was called to order at 11:35 am by President Ron Christensen.

New members/visitors: Tammy and Gene, starting their own water garden business. Mike, who is a friend of Jeanette’s.

Introduced meeting host: Richard and Pet Smith.

Host pond information: They currently have both a pond out front and a larger one in back. The pond streams through lush plantings of flowers and plants. The pond was just refurbished this year by Ernie Selles. He changed the liner, skimmer and put lights in the waterfalls. He also used a couple of Pets pots to create a bog/fountain area.

Pond Club business or updates:

" President, Ron Christensen: President, Ron Christensen: Has enjoyed this past year and is looking forward to the next year. Ron thanked the out-going board members for their hard work and welcomed the new board members.

" Vice President, Fern Shaw: The pond tour is our best way of getting new members. Tammy Purtell will be our new Vice-President and she appreciates the opportunity.

" Treasurer, Passed out tickets for the raffle.

" Secretary, Sue Beard. Shelly Lambert will be the new secretary and she is excited to start.

" Newsletter Editor, Tanya Brown: There will be a pond of the month article starting next year in the newsletter. 2021 is the groups’ 25th anniversary and something will be done to celebrate that.

" Librarian, Tammy Purtell: : Not open today. Jeff Karsten is taking the position back for next year.

" Webmaster, Dennis Beard. Jeanette Summers will be the webmaster in 2020.

" Future meeting: Tammy and Eric Purtell. " Home & Garden Show: April will be the Home & Garden show to advertise the pond tour in May. " Dues are due for 2020. " Raffle: Cheryl Voge and Alan Hanna won books.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 for pot-luck lunch.

Respectfully submitted: Sue Beard

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