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September 13, 2014
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The September 2014 GPPS meeting was held on Saturday at the home of George and Diane Morris in Queen Creek.

The meeting was called to order at 9:20 by President Dave Nelson.

Introduced Meeting Hosts: George & Diane Morris

Host pond info: George discussed his 1,300 gallon pond with waterfall. It has a hp pump with a Ultima filter with beads. It's a medium maintenance pond and he back flushes once or twice a week. The pond has some algae problems during the summer and they hope to add a sail for shade. There pond has lots of bees, but if you stay out of their flight path you are okay. George told us he had a rattlesnake at his back door last week and it struck at the door when it saw him. He went outside through the front door and killed the snake.

Welcome to our newest members: Jonathan Dean is building a new home in Mesa.

Pond Club business or updates:

Pond liners were discussed regarding how to expand them without leaks.

" President, Dave Nelson: Dave welcomed everyone back. He discussed options for advertising for the next pond tour. He feels we need to put a portfolio of print quality photos and information together that can be sent to magazines and newspapers. Since these types of media need info earlier than average, this portfolio may help. Dave thinks it necessary that we give the people who run the tour the proper tools to be able to do their job. Next month will be election time again. Dave will not be running again as his work schedule will not allow him to do the job justice. He will put a notice in the newsletter to let everyone know about the positions available. Dennis and Sue Beard will continue on if wanted.

" Vice President, Rita Karsten: We averaged 20 - 50+ people at the pond tour. Rod & Pam Larkin, Pet Smith and Dick & Ailyn Wilson had the biggest turnout. This was probably because Rod & Pam advertised their pond in an Ahwatukee newsletter. Rita feels we need to push advertising for the entire tour more. She also wants the group to think about combining with artists for the next tour. The Treasurer reported $3,947.50 in the checking account. Annual dues of $25 due January. There are no fund raising activities of the club, so everyone is encourage to pay their fee prior to the beginning of the year.

" Treasurer, Ed Tunstall: $4,349.92.

" Secretary, Sue Beard: Nothing new at this time.

" Events Coordinator, Kristy Jolly: Not at meeting.

" Newsletter Editors, Gloria Skylstad/Fern Shaw: Nothing new at this time.

" Librarian, Gary Ures: Not at meeting.

" Webmaster, Dennis Beard: Nothing new at this time.

Guest speaker: Jeff Karsten played the video/DVD he made of the past two pond tours. Pond tour members will be getting a copy and one is being put on the website. This video will be good to use as a background during the home shows.

The election of officers will be in November. The pot luck is being scheduled for the Holiday Season.

Rita Karsten won a book at the raffle and gave it to guest/new member Jonathan Dean.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be held at Les and Janice Tanzer in Chandler.

Dave closed the meeting at 10:20 Respectfully submitted: Sue Beard

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