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September 12, 2015
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The September 2015 GPPS meeting was held on Saturday at the home of Ed and Susan Tunstall in Mesa. The meeting was called to order at 9:10 by President Don Shaw.

Name Tags: If you need a new one, please put your name on the tag list. New tags will be printed and handed out at the next meeting.

Introduced Meeting Hosts: Ed and Susan Tunstall

Host pond information: The pond is about 2,000 gallons and 22 inches deep. The pond drains to a filter shed where the water maintenance takes place. The filter only needs to be back-flushed once a month. The Tunstall's yard also contains areas for a variety of reptiles.

Guest Speaker: Paul Crouch from Designs by Paul Crouch.

Paul has been in the landscape and pool industries since the 70's. He has won awards for his work on an international level. He has always been a pond hobbyist and is currently starting a business focusing on ponds. He likes to use AquaScape kits for most homeowners. Paul passed out a detailed multi-page handout on the particulars of pond design. A question an answer period followed.

Pond Club business or updates:

" President, Don Shaw: Opened meeting.

" Vice President, Jon Dean: Jon passed out DVD's that he created with footage of this year's pond tour.

" Treasurer, Ed Tunstall: $3,936.41 minus club storage fee.

" Secretary, Sue Beard: Nothing new at this time.

" Events Coordinator, Linda Vega: The Butterfly Wonderland will have a Honey Festival next weekend.

" Newsletter Editors, EJ Brooks: Nothing at this time on newsletter.

" Librarian, Jeff Karsten: Library is open.

" Webmaster, Dennis Beard: The archive for the newsletters has been adjusted so that it can only be reached by a direct URL that can be gotten from Dennis if needed. There is a possibility of a separate space on GoDaddy that costs, but the club was not interested in that at this time.

Pond Business:

" A list was sent around for people to sign up for next year's meetings. The October meeting will be held at the Jolly's home. The Karsten's will host the November meeting which is also the meeting where elections for officers are held. Rita Karsten made a motion for the raffling of a free year's membership for those that show up the election meeting. This was done to encourage people to attend the meeting. Fern Shaw seconded the motion and the club passed unanimously. The December meeting will be held at Pet Smith's home for the annual BBQ.

" Don Shaw received an e-mail from a person closing down a pond and wanted to give away plants and fish. Don had the e-mail if anyone was interested.

" Raffle: Ken Onulak.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Respectfully submitted: Sue Beard

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