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November 9, 2014
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The November 2014 GPPS meeting was held on Saturday at the home of Don and Fern Shaw in Phoenix.

The meeting was called to order at 9:25 by President Dave Nelson.

Introduced Meeting Hosts: Don and Fern Shaw

Host pond info: The 1-1,500 gallon pond was started in the spring of 2008. Pump and filter go to waterfall. A UV light and sump pump to old fashioned pump were added later. Two years ago a bog was added. Plants are then planted into pea gravel. The occupants of the pond are: 12 Koi, 1 goldfish, mosquito fish, 1 turtle, frogs and snails.

Welcome to our newest members: Pam and Craig Boynton who are building a pond.

Pond Club business or updates:

Pond liners were discussed regarding how to expand them without leaks.

" President, Dave Nelson: Dave told the group that he feels the newsletter and website are stellar. He discussed the possibility of putting the clubs videos on YouTube.

" 2015 GPPS Election: President Don Shaw, Vice President Jon Dean, Secretary Sue Beard, Treasurer Ed Tunstall, Program Coordinator Rita Karsten, Newsletter Editor EJ Brooks, Librarian Jeff Karsten and Webmaster Dennis Beard. " Vice President, Rita Karsten: She brought pond tour supplies to be given to new Vice President.

" Treasurer, Ed Tunstall: Not at meeting.

" Secretary, Sue Beard: Nothing new at this time.

" Events Coordinator, Kristy Jolly: Nothing new at this time.

" Newsletter Editors, Gloria Skylstad/Fern Shaw: Nothing new at this time.

" Librarian, Gary Ures: Not at meeting.

" Webmaster, Dennis Beard: Most corrections have been made and one video has been uploaded. Still need to find information on space to add the other video.

No raffle was done at this meeting.

Next meeting: Dec 13, 2014

Dave closed the meeting at 10:45 Respectfully submitted: Sue Beard

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