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Pond Books

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Many Books come to mind. They are grouped into different classes, but understand there is usually some overlap in each class. Beginners should start with the Introduction / How-To class below to get an idea of what they are up against.

Introduction / How-To - These books have a basic blend of photos of medium to small example pond styles and applications, These books have rudimentary schematics and step-by-step instructions on construction of ponds, waterfalls, streambeds, bogs, and installation of filters, lighting, and so on. Some examples of ponds for small spaces or container gardens are included, but few construction details there. The books have overviews of types of fish and plants, and some maintenance tips to varying degrees:
Garden Pools Fountains & Waterfalls (Sunset Books),
Water Gardens (Sunset Books),
Garden Ponds - A Complete Introduction (Al David),
For Your Water Gardens (Carol Spier).

Pond / Garden Imagery - These coffee table books are full of different glossy images, ideas, settings and applications of ponds in the garden. Opulent settings and famous ponds are featured prominently; Japanese Garden philosophy:
The Garden Design Book (Cheryl Merser),
Secrets of Monet's Garden (Derek Fell),
The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll (Richard Bisgrove),
The French Country Garden (Louisa Jones);
Serene Gardens (Yoko Kawaguchi).

Container Water Gardens - These books emphasize small ponds and water gardens made from a variety of materials. There are lots of idea photos, construction schematics, construction steps, and basics on other water features. Lots of cool ideas abound for those of us on a budget:
Quick and Easy Container Water Gardens (Philip Swindells),
Outdoor Water Features (Alan and Gill Bridgewater),
Water in the Garden (Gilly Love).

Comprehensive Construction (Best Overall) - These books are thick with more photos, well-illustrated ideas, and more comprehensive lists of fish, plants, and pond dwellers. The first and best for the money is:
The Complete Pond Builder (Helen Nash). Helen has detailed instructions, clear schematics, tips, and clear photos of various stages of construction.
The others are bigger and more types of pond projects, but with less descriptive steps and tips. Over half of each of these books are dedicated to pond maintenance, fish, plants and pond creatures:
Complete Guide to Water Gardens (Kathleen Fisher);
The Master Book of the Water Garden (Philip Swindells);
The Ultimate Water Garden Book (Jean-Claude Arnoux).

Water Garden Plants - Water Gardening with Derek Fell (Derek Fell) puts heavy emphasis on plantings in and around the ponds (lots of photos).

Fish and General Pond Health - These books place more emphasis on fish (especially Koi), treating diseases, and maintaining the pond for fish purposes:
How to Keep Koi - An Essential Guide (David Twigg);
Koi - A Complete Pet Owner's Manual (George C. Blasiola II);
The Pond Doctor (Helen Nash);
The Living Pond (Helen Nash

Bogs - These books place the creation and maintenance of bog gardens to suppliment your water garden experiance:
American Horticultural Society Complete Guide to Water Gardening. Peter Robinson, 1997.
Complete Book of the Water Garden. Philip Swindell & David Mason, 1990.
Garden Pool Design. Helmut Jantra, 1995.
Ponds & Water Features. Peter Robinson, 1999.
Sunset Water Gardens, 1997.
The Water Garden. Peter Robinson, 1995.
The Water Garden Month-By-Month. Andi Clevely, 1997.
Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses. Perry Slocum & Peter Robinson, 1996
"The Bog Garden." Anita Nolan Nelson. Watergardening Magazine, April 1996, pp.31-35.
"The Bog Garden Revisited." Anita Nolan Nelson. Watergardening Magazine, March/April 1999, pp. 26-32.

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Pond Tour Pictures

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