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Greater Phoenix Pond Society
Resources & Links

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Pond Construction

Useful Information informational essays and articles, explanations of design ideas, the nitrogen cycle, plant and fish health, and other pond websites

Supplies & Supplier and Friends stores that GPPS members have had good experiences with, online stores, mail-order, etc.

Note: The Greater Phoenix Pond Society does not necessarily endorse the following businesses, nor do we guarantee the quality of their products or workmanship. These are provided as a collection of businesses that, have given presentations, built member's ponds, or have otherwise contributed to the betterment of this club at outside events. We welcome members to add to this list if a contractor has performed the work to your satisfaction and you wish to have them listed.

The order of presentation is alphabetical and does NOT reflect any preference, priority, or member involvement in the business. The (*) indicates a member's envolvement.


Pond Construction

A and B Pond Maintenance *  - Pond Consultation, Pond Maintenance Services. Alan Hanna (602)-326-7020 email: and Ben Hanna (602)-367-1103 email:

CTK Quality Ponds Products, LLC  602-214-5135 - Brian Connelly's business in Greater Phoenix. He has extensive knowledge of filtration systems.

KOI of FIRE - Gary Ures - 480-278-6847 - Specializing In Pond Design and Construction, Filters, Maintenance, Food and treatments for your pond. One Of A Kind Ponds, One Of A Kind Service.

Paradise Ponds & Gardens   - 623-492-0035 - Custom Ponds and Water features as well as maintenance and repairs, some plants, and water lilies. Also a full-service landscape architect. Mailing Address: 4410 W. Union Hills Drive, Glendale (Bob Zaranec).

The Pond Gnome - Phone: 623-572-5607 - Pond Design, Pond Construction, Pond Maintenance, Pond Remodeling, Pond Replacement and Pond Cleaning Services for the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Pond Perfecter - 480-502-3770 or 623-465-4488 Water Gardens & Ponds, Supplies, Garden Centers - 1619 E. Dolores Rd. Phoenix AZ 85086

Pondscapes Ralph Biezad - 480-987-7781 - PO Box 1448, Queen Creek, AZ 85242

Useful Information

AZ Water Use It Wisely ARK - Arizona Rivulin Keepers. The Arizona Rivulin Keepers (ARK) is a "not-for-profit," educational association dedicated to promoting the public knowledge, care, and breeding of a group of fishes collectively known as killifishes. Meetings are free and the public is invited.

Bog Garden links:

Articles on Bog Gardens

Bog Gardens

Bog Gardens -- Tucson Watergardeners

Elevated Bog Garden GPPS Presentation, 2.7 Mb

How to Bog Garden

Gravel Bog Filter Construction

Justin Campbell, Landscape Architect 602-430-8778   a full-service landscape designer who actually knows a lot about water features, koi ponds, and watergardening

Faux Rock a great page of info and links, including JPJ Technologies

Dr Johnson The Pond section of a great site, covering all aspects of aquatic hobbies.

Dr Johnson's Koi Vet Website One more Dr Johnson source.

Pond Rushes Chuck Rush's big & busy pond enthusiast site. Lot's of stuff!

Pond Rx The Pond section of a great site, covering all aspects of aquatic hobbies.

The North American Native fishes Association - Native Fishes Discussion List

Dan Stough's Pond Leak Presentation -- October 2011
A new frameset with a version of a PowerPoint Presentation will open. There are various controls along the bottom. Show/Hide Outline, Notes, < Slide 1 of 27 >, Slide Show. The last one, Slide Show, will start all of the slides to play on a timer. To stop the slide show, just press "Esc" on your keyboard. One the Slide Show starts, you can open a context sensative control box for Next, Previous, and End Show. Dan Stough's Presentation - October 2011  

Don Troutman's Aquatic Plants Presentation at Valley of the Sun Koi Club Seminar - March 2009 (PDF)

The University of Arizona Maricopa County Cooperative Extension - Master Gardener Program

Presentation by - Master Gardener Jo Setliff - Oct 12, 2013

Wet Web Media The Pond section of a great site, covering all aspects of aquatic hobbies.


Supplies, Suppliers and Friends

AZ Water Garden Oasis * Victoria Helton -  623-239-8226   -  Specializing In : Water Lillies, Pond Plants, Pond Fish  &  More.

Arizona Koi Rescue - Our mission is to connect people on Arizona who nne to re-home their Koi with people in Arizona who would like to resue those Kois and adopt then into their personal pond. To thay end, Arizona Koi Rescue is simply offering a free service of connecting people with each other. No money changes hands..

Arizona Aquatic Gardens  Nursery here in AZ - pond & bog plants, aquarium plants & algae eaters -- mail and phone orders only.

Backyard Pond, LLC  Bog plants, aquatic plants, Koi & TomiGai Koi Food Distributor. Phone number: 623-878-6695

The Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program from the National Wildlife Federation

Boyce Thompson Arboretum 

Brine Shrimp Direct Website More than brine shrimp...We are the complete aquarium fish food source for home hobbyists and commercial breeders. Looking for a nice show-quality goldfish? Tommy Hui normally attends the VSKC annual Koi Auction and Koi Show. Tommy Hui is the Point of Contact @ 972 530-5193 or e-mail

Hakuna Matata Koi *- Supplier of imported and domestic bred Koi, authorized distributor of food products and koi health care Products. Melissa Watkins -  Phone: 623-202-9060  

Harper's Nurseries & Flower Shops Long-time friends of GPPS and hosts of The Green Thumb Garden Show on FM 1310 KCTK, Saturday mornings from 8:00 -10:00am

Horizon Irrigation: They have 10 locations in AZ and carry a variety of pond equipment and supplies. Go to their website, click on "Specialty" and then "Ponds" for product info. There is a "store locator" function as well to find a store close to you.

Karen Valenzuela's Plants: water lilies, iris, taro, red stem thalia, bog lilies, sagitarrius, umbrella plants, lemon bacoba, canna and water lettuce. Call for price and availability: 480-227-0560.  

The Ocean Floor 2347 W Thomas Rd (near I-17), Phoenix, AZ 85015 -- (602) 254-8252. A big shop (used to be a skating rink) that you really have to visit. Mostly freshwater and marine aquarium stuff, but they do have pond stuff. There's even an indoor pond/stream with a bridge.

Tropical Treasures: 3502 W Greenway Rd #7, Phoenix, AZ 85053.
Koi, shunbunkins, comets, and sometimes turtles and tadpoles. Also FREE expert advice. Phone number is 602-993-8000, (if lines are busy you will get fax tone - try back after a while).

The Tucson Watergardeners

Western Environmental Liner Website. Pond Liners with some installation tips.

William Tricker, Inc. America's Oldest Water Garden Specialist, est 1892: They have just about every plant you would ever want and are legal for AZ.

Goldfish and Koi Clubs

Koko's This link list goldfish and koi clubs by state.

Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc. (VSKC) serves the Greater Phoenix Koi Keeper community. They hold annual Koi Auction and Koi Show. Some GPPS members are also VSKC members

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