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Greater Phoenix Pond Society

2022 Meeting/Host Calendar
All meetings start at 9:00 AM, second Saturday of each month -- unless posted otherwise!

Koi Pond

Photo credit: Jeanette Summers

Leopard Frog

Photo credit: Jeanette Summers

Club Monthly Meetings - 2022

January 8, 2022

Host:Darleen Bruce


City:Chandler, Az

February 12, 2022

Host:Tina Christensen & Linda Pontarelli

Subject: Phoenix Bonsai Presentation

City: Mesa, Az

March 12, 2022

Host: Leo DelLangis


City: Peoria, Az

April 9, 2022

Host:Dean Tradwell


City: Phoenix, Az

May 14 2022

Pond Tour
May 14th 9:00-4:00 pm

City: Pond Tour

June 11 2022

Host: Tanya & Ian Brown


City: Phoenix, Az

July 2022

No Meeting

August 2022

No Meeting

September 10, 2022

Host: Alan & Molly Hanna


City: Glendale, Az

October 8, 2022

Host: Melissa & Mike Watkins

Subject:To Be Determined

City: Glendale, Az

November 12, 2022

Host: TJ Marco

Subject: Election of Officers - 2023

City: Phoenix/Cave Creek, Az

December 10, 2022
@ 11:00 AM

Host: Richard & Pet Smith

Subject: GPPS Pot Luck

City: Chandler, Az

Special Events

Paul 'Dief' Diefenderfer,
Desert Rat Forge,

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