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Greater Phoenix Pond Society


Yearly membership dues are $25 per household.
Dues are due January 1st of each year, IAW the club By-Laws.
They may be passed to the President or the Treasurer at a club meeting


Become a member and . . .

Discover the exciting and intriguing glory of nature.   From the slow, sensual unfolding of a water lily, to the playful antics of a school of colorful Koi.  

All the fascination and wonderment of nature can be yours with a pond.

Listen-to the soothing sounds of water cascading through crevices. 

Feel-as the tumbling water soothes your soul and restores your life energy.

Witness-the gentle gurgling of a stream that leads to an abundant mass of aquatic life.

Watch-as birds flock to bathe and drink, or as multicolored dragonflies prance above the water's surface.

A pond is yours to enjoy in solitude or to share with others.

Pond owners reap delight from their private oasis, be it a container pond, a garden pond packed with flowering plants, a waterfall and stream, or even your own lake!!

Discover with us the myriad joys of pondering.

If you are interested in water gardening or fish keeping, members of the Greater Phoenix Pond Society will help you enjoy more of this rewarding and relaxing hobby.

Learn how to build your own pond that's easy to maintain and save some dough to boot.

Membership in the Greater Phoenix Pond Society offers these benefits: Monthly meetings to see members' ponds, hear their experiences, learn from expert speakers, and to share ponding experiences with fellow members.

Subscription to Pond Happenings, a monthly newsletter filled with GPPS news, upcoming events, columns, seasonal pond tips for the Phoenix area, and information on new products and services.

A "swap shop" where members can trade plants, fish, and other aquatic inhabitants.

Free admission to the Annual Pond Tour, where members visit and experience some of the Valley's best ponds.

Don't miss out - Join The Greater Phoenix Pond Society Membership dues are $25 per year per household.

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